Writtings & thoughts

Connecting with code


After reading an article from the CEO of Post Light, Paul Ford. I rediscovered why I started programming. Simply, it was to connect people. At the age of 12 I knew how to take off and land a 737, a Learjet, and a few other airplanes. This of course was all in part of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The game brought me into the immersive world where I could learn how to fly. The multiplayer servers eventually connected to me a flying club, AshevilleATC. I knew these guys and gals for over 5 years. It was because of this community I taught myself how to code. The necessity to have a website and forum to communicate between members was an important asset for the online community. Not much different that any other online community. I took on the responsibility to learn and develop out the website for the needs of the community. Allowing us to connect with members, and have online flying events. But the ability to connect people, to a new world, new people, ideas and experiences; is an unbelievable feat. Therefore the power to gather people online but also in person should not be taken lightly. As people building digital products to enable these interactions we should not be dulled by the day to day actives. However, impressed by the capabilities and possible we have in front of us to day. Bringing able to reach more users, communicate faster, and efficiently; are powers that did not exists years ago.